Pinburgh 2000 features three divisions of singles play: A, B, and C. There is not a separate Women's division, and there is no doubles play this year. Women are players just like anyone else, and should enter in whichever division they choose!

The C division is suitable for casual players, first-time competitors, and other novice players. The B division is suitable for players with league or tournament experience, or anyone looking for a greater challenge and potential reward. The A division is for league or tournament champions and other world-class players.

The guaranteed prize package for these divisions is as follows.

A Division
B Division
C Division
1st Place $2000 $500 $250 plus trophy!
2nd Place $750 $250 $125 and plaque
3rd Place $250 $150 $50 and plaque
4th Place $100 $50 $25 and plaque
Total Prize Package: $4500!

All players are required to register before entering the qualifying rounds. Registration is only $5, and allows as many qualifying entries as a player chooses to purchase. Entries in each division are priced as shown below. Any player may enter in a division as many times as they like, although each purchased entry must be played completely before another may be purchased. A player may move up to a higher division by purchasing a new entry, but may not move down to a lower division. Entries are also available as part of the packages on the pricing page.

A Division B Division C Division
$15 $10 $5

Please note that all money taken in goes towards meeting expenses, including the guaranteed prize package of $4500. Excess money will be split between charity and the finance of next year's Pinburgh.

Be There! - June 23-25, 2000
Players of all skill levels are welcome and are eligible to win!
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